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For over 15 years I have been working with companies big and small in a variety of industries to develop budgets, forecasts, and projections.

My goal is to help you as a small business owner to create a comprehensive budget that will prepare you for the future.

I believe that budgets are crucial for the success of your business. Annual budgets are a key factor in monitoring historical progress and adjusting activities or implementing new activities to meet turnaround or profitability goals.

Let me help you budget for success.

Key Offerings

Annual Budget

How can creating an annual budget help your business?

  • Budgeting estimates revenues, plans expenditures, and restricts spending.
  • Budgets are a necessary component to secure business financing.
  • Budgets help to allocate dollars where they are needed the most.
  • Budgets communicate priorities for how to spend money.
  • Budgets provide a Profit Margin, which helps to determine an organization’s ability to grow and expand.

Mid-Year Forecasts

How can creating a Mid-Year Forecast help your business?

  • Mid-Year Forecasts re-evaluate the Annual Budget and Re-Plan for the rest of the year.
  • Mid-Year Forecasts give you a chance to adjust for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Mid-Year Forecasts can be a requirement for Debt Service Reporting.

Multi Year Projections

How can creating Multi-Year Projections help your business?

  • Multi-Year Projections are a Vital Component to secure funding for your business.
  • Multi-Year Projections are a necessary aid to help you manage your business more effectively.
  • Multi-Year Projections help a company monitor progress and course correct.
  • Multi-Year Projections can direct present day decisions to better meet future goals.

Monthly Financial Statement

How can creating a Monthly Financial Statement help your business?

  • Monthly Financial Statements are necessary to track actual performance against projections.
  • Monthly Financial Statements create a history to be provided to potential investors/bankers.
  • Monthly Financial Statements provides a window into your cash flow.
  • Monthly Financial Statements give management the data needed to monitor and course correct.

Ad Hoc Financial Modeling

How can Ad Hoc Financial Modeling help your business?

  • Ad Hoc Financial Modeling can be useful with one off analysis needs.
  • Ad Hoc Financial Modeling will help determine if a promotion strategy worked as expected.
  • Ad Hoc Financial Modeling is able to create analytical reports for anything your business may need.


Professional Development

  • How can Professional Development help your business?
    • Budget Managers who understand how to read a Profit Loss Statement will add value to your organization.
    • Teaching your employees how to track their expenses will save time when explaining variances to budget.
    • Managers who understand their monthly budget variances will develop more accurate budgets.
    • Managers who understand financial documents will make Financial Meetings more productive.

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