Helton Financial Services

My name is Phillip Helton, my entire career has involved budgeting money for companies, I put everything I had into keeping my employer’s finances straight, but in the process, I neglected my own.

I finally said enough is enough, I build budgets and do bank reconciliations every single day at work, why can’t I take the time to do it for myself?

So, I sat down and reconciled my bank accounts, I collected all my bills, and I built myself a spreadsheet. And eventually after taking the time to focus on my own budget and reconciling my own bank account I was able to take control over my personal finances.

I’ve been in your shoes, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Some of the best coaches start out as players, let me coach you and give you the tools to succeed with your finances.

Key Offerings

Individual Budget

Individual Budget 2-4 1hr Sessions $750/total

  • Build a Personalized Budget
  • Create a Debt Reduction Plan

Coaching Session

Coaching Session 1hr $250/ea
(Review any of the following)

  • Debt Reduction
  • Emergency Fund Savings
  • Review an Existing Budget
  • Navigating a Home Purchase
  • Review and Understand Credit Report
  • Professional Development

Bi-Weekly Coaching

Bi-Weekly Coaching Program (12 months) 30 1hr Sessions $1,500/total
($350 up front & 4 payments of $287.50)

  • Build a Personalized Budget
  • Create a Debt Reduction Plan

Meet Bi-Weekly To

  • Review Bills
  • Review Savings Plan
  • Review Bank Accounts
  • Access and Prioritize Hiccups Along the Way

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